Three Reasons Why Am I Not Losing Weight

If you have read my previous articles then by now you are pretty much aware of why I’m not losing weight. In this article, I’m going to go over why you may not be losing weight the way that you’re after. Also, I’m going to talk about what it takes to really lose weight. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know exactly why you’re not losing weight.

Alright, first off. The reason why am I not losing weight is because I’m not eating properly. As you’ve probably seen, there are several different reasons why a guy might be in such a situation where he’s effectively eating right but not really losing any weight at all. This is usually when a guy is successfully losing extra body fat, but at the same time gaining some other sort of “butter” (i.e. water, muscle, poop, etc. ).

For so many people, the key to successful weight loss is simply eating right. However, the problem with eating right is not just that. Most people simply won’t eat right if they tried. That’s why most people have a hard time “discovering” how to eat right. So many people get frustrated because they find themselves always hungry and/or constantly tired after working out. The reason why most people aren’t losing weight is because their body simply doesn’t respond the way they expect it to.

The “lazy-skin” myth is another big reason why so many people struggle with their diet and eating habits. For example, if you’re wondering why am I not losing weight… then consider this. If you truly believe that you can “turn on” your body like a tap while you’re sitting in the kitchen, then you’re going to have to forget everything else. When you do everything right, your body responds to your actions by burning calories (calories that are stored as fat) at a rapid pace. However, the “calorie-spike” experienced while exercising (like running) actually increases your body’s fat-burning ability, so when you’re done your exercise session your body goes into “starvation mode” and stops burning fat at a rapid rate.

It’s at this point that you need to learn how to turn off your “calorie-spike”, so your body will return to its normal metabolism rate. Your personal trainer is the perfect resource for learning how to “train your mind” to override the hunger-hormones produced during our childhood (and the effects those hormones have on our adult bodies). Cortisol, one of the “feeling-good” hormones, is produced during childhood and adolescent years. However, during the latter years of life, levels of this hormone are responsible for controlling weight gain. Once you learn how to permanently and safely teach your body to burn fat at a different (though still healthy) pace, you’ll never again wonder why am I not losing weight after all those hours at the gym.

The biggest problem most people have when it comes to “keeping up” with a healthy and effective exercise program is simply getting enough sleep. Studies show that those who get less than seven hours of sleep suffer more from chronic disease, including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. So, if you want to be as healthy as possible, and keep yourself looking great, then it’s critical that you get enough sleep.

Another very important factor regarding personal training clients (especially those trying to lose weight) is their drinking enough water. Without proper hydration, the body cannot function properly. This includes flushing toxins out of the system, allowing you to experience more energy, which means weight loss. So, if you’re like most people, you probably think that you’re drinking enough water on a daily basis (or even several times a day). If not, you may want to think about adding a personal trainer to your workout regimen.

Last but not least, remember that weight loss only happens over the long haul. Yes, the short term (which is, just) workouts do give you that quick boost in energy, and you will see immediate results. However, if you continue to do your short term workouts (and not cut back on them), you will eventually become bored and lethargic, and your energy will gradually decrease. In order to keep your workouts from becoming a bore and your weight from being lost, make sure to include one or more of the above suggestions the next time you sign up for a program.